Hacienda Style Homes

A Guide To The Hacienda Style Homes Found In Palm Springs, Florida

The hacienda-style residences that dot the Palms Springs landscape in Florida have a rich and colorful history that can be traced back to Spanish and Mexican immigrants who first settled in the area between 1600-1800. When translated from Spanish, the term ‘hacienda’ literally means estate. As the literal meaning suggests, hacienda-style homes tend to exemplify opulence and a huge living space. This article will discuss the main identifying marks of these homes, common features found in these properties and the average price range of hacienda-style properties in Palm Springs, Florida.


How Can Identify Hacienda-Style Homes?

The earliest Spanish and Mexican settlers who built the first hacienda-style homes in the United States chose areas like Palm Springs that are blessed with a warm climate since their average annual temperatures resembled those from their original hometowns. These settlers then went ahead to actualize architectural designs that were common to Spain and Mexico. As a result, most hacienda-style homes across the United States tend to follow external architectural styles that are native to the settlers’ countries of origin. Some of the architectural elements common to hacienda-style homes in Palm Springs include:

• Exterior walls made of white stucco
• Ceilings that are supported by wooden beams
• Archways that are commonly found at the entrance of the building
• Small windows designed to minimize the entry of excessive heat
• Red clay tiles for roofing

What Are Some Of The Most Common Features In Hacienda-Style Homes?

Hacienda-style properties tend to take up more square feet compared to other types of buildings in Palm Springs. In today’s property markets, most of these properties fall under the luxury homes category. Because of their huge sizes, you can expect that a typical hacienda-style residence will have the following features:

• A courtyard
• A swimming pool
• Several bedrooms
• Several bathrooms
• A kitchenette
• External hardscape features such as a patio, pergola or deck

Though most hacienda-style homes in Florida retain their original architectural design, it is worth mentioning that many homes have received internal and external modifications to suit the personal tastes of successive owners since they were originally constructed. Today, you may find homes that blend the original hacienda-style architectural styles and an internal décor look and feel that is modern and contemporary.

What Is The Cost Of a Hacienda-Style Home In Palm Springs?

Palm Springs has one of the most dynamic property markets across the entire State of Florida. The cost of hacienda-style properties in this area therefore tends to vary. The cost of this type of home may depend on several factors including:

• The neighborhood where the home is located
• The external architectural style of the property you want as well as interior decor and fittings
• The number of rooms available
• The amenities available in the residence
• The season you are looking to purchase the home
• The overall square footage on which the property lies

On average, you should set aside several million dollars if you are keen on owning a hacienda-style residence in Palm Springs. To explore the wide range of hacienda-style properties available across Florida, the features of available homes and the current real estate prices you can visit www.palmspringsarea.realestate/house-styles/hacienda-style-homes/.

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