Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home in Palm Springs

Selling your Palm Springs home is likely not a decision that you’ve made lightly. You might have started with the Palm Springs real estate statistics or perhaps you heard how much a home in your community sold for recently. It doesn’t matter whether it was one or a multitude of factors that caused you to think about selling a home in Palm Springs. I can help you maximize your return on your original investment in Palm Springs real estate and navigate the sometimes stressful process of selling a home in Palm Springs.

Insider Knowledge | Selling Palm Springs Homes

There are two important aspects of real estate. One is common, the other is more of an industry secret. I’m going to spill the beans below…

Location, Location, Location: So, everybody knows this one, but it’s true. The location of a home is incredibly important to your properties value, attracting potential buyers, and your lifestyle. In Palm Springs, location is more important as it can have a dramatic impact on how much your home is worth. Read more about land lease and land fee properties to discover why location is so important in Palm Springs.

Are you ready for the industry secret? Read on to learn this insider tip.

The price has to be right: Setting the price right when listing your Palm Springs home is key to attracting potential buyers. Your home listing price should be based on four core considerations:

  • Comparable sales in the neighborhood
  • Market conditions
  • Incentives like closing costs that you are offering
  • What you bought it for plus renovation costs

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The danger of setting the price too high is that your house will be overlooked by potential buyers. It might be the nicest house on the street, but the market is determined as a collective and buyers will be considering what other homes sold for in your area when making an offer. If you list your home for too high a price, you also risk your home becoming a stale listing, while you are having to carry the costs while waiting for your Palm Springs property to sell.

Facts and Tips | Palm Springs Home Sales

92% of home buyers start their house hunt online.

Homes with six or more photos in their listing are twice as likely to receive viewers.

A personal tour video of your home and neighborhood can score big points, helping your home sell faster and could attract a bidding war in the process.

Reach out to your network.

By letting your friends know about your home being put up for sale via social media you allow your friends to share it with their friends who might be interested. This can also work for neighborhood websites too, letting your neighbors choose their next neighbors.

Stage the outside too.

Curb appeal can add up to as much as $50,000 on what buyers are willing to pay for your property. By staging the outside as well as the inside of your home, you’ll not be able to provide a reason for potential home buyers to talk the price down.

De-clutter and de-personalize your home.

Put away the family photos, the knick-knacks, and the things that make the home your home. This allows you to cut the emotional cord that is still keeping you tied to the property, allowing any potential buyer to imagine themselves creating new memories in the home and how amazing that can be.

Get a Palm Springs listing agent with professional designations.

Don’t sell your home short, and don’t list your home with just any seller. Preferably, your listing agent in Palm Springs would have a designation like the Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation. From my experience, this designation allows me to have a superior knowledge of the home selling process and allows me to help those who list their home with me to reap the maximum home price possible.