Spanish Style Homes

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Beautiful Spanish Homes

The beauty of Spanish-styled homes cannot be stressed enough in the Palm Springs area. These refined, authentic structures are a delight to look at and showcase the architectural excellence of Spanish-inspired properties. Each element is neatly crafted to flow in a seamless manner ensuring the properties look immaculate from all angles.

Whether it is the gorgeous stucco walls or the gleaming red tile roofs, everything about these homes is intricately charming.


Understanding Spanish Architecture

Over the years, Spanish-styled homes have become all the rage and it has to do with the calming details and flowing colors. Everything is harmonious making it a joy to the eye and the properties are easily customizable making them stand out for all the right reasons. Spanish architecture relies on the use of earthy tones and has a summery feel that is appealing in warmer climates such as Palm Springs.

Designers have taken the time to give these properties a twist of their own as time has gone on. The uniqueness that these structures offer can be seen through the different colors, materials, and patterns that are used.

In general, the goal is to have a tiled setup that is built on a more relaxed design style. It is often synonymous with homes in this category.
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Let’s take the opportunity to dig deeper into analyzing what these Spanish homes are all about and what makes them distinguishable from some of the others in Palm Springs.

One of the key details a person is going to notice will be the clay-based design elements. This is seen from the red tile roofs. In some cases, the barrel roof tiles are also going to stand out because of their warmer colors (i.e. red or brown). Some homes will have roofing that is made out of slate or terracotta clay depending on the designer’s preference.

The premise of these design elements is to work well under intense heat, which is common as the summer months roll around in this part of the state.

These properties are also known for lasting because the materials can withstand these conditions and not break down as easily as other materials would.

For the exterior, Spanish-styled properties tend to include the use of high-grade stucco. This is seen with the walls as the stucco walls work well with the red tile roofs. For the stucco, it is common to see the color coming out to be a creamier white.

Another element that is common with these homes is known as “vigas,” which are wood beams that run through the property.

These are exposed and look impressive when blended with the other elements listed above such as the red tile roofs.

In recent years, these wooden beams have become a decorative part of Spanish homes in Palm Springs and do add another element to what makes these properties special. Just seeing the presence of these vigas can be an absolute delight for those who want an authentic, easy-going Spanish property in Palm Springs.