Single Family Homes For Sale

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What Is A Single Family Home?

The term “single family home” is often used to describe certain types of property for sale by real estate agents. But what exactly is a single family home and what defines it?

Basically, it is a freestanding home that is designated for to house a single family unit. However, there are some specific characteristics that legally define this type of structure. A single family home must consist of the following elements:

– No common walls. The home cannot share any walls or a roof with another structure that houses another family unit. The house is detached and stand-alone.
– No common property. The house is built on it’s own land that is not shared with another owner. The land surrounding the home is for the private use of the property owner.
– Private access. The property has an entrance and exit directly onto a street rather than a parking lot which is the case with condos or hallways or lobbies which is the case with apartments.
– No shared or multiple utilities. The home has one set of utilities that are not shared with any other residence. These utilities include water, electricity, heating, refuse removal and other essential services.
– The house has a single owner and does not have shared ownership.
– The home has only one kitchen. If another kitchen is added to service an addition such as a granny flat or cottage, the property will need to be rezoned and the designation as a single family home changed.
– The home is intended for the use of a single family or household rather than multiple individuals. A single person may also occupy a single family home.

A home that does not meet with all of the above criteria cannot be designated and therefore marketed for sale as a single family home.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Single Family Home?

Single family homes are often more expensive than other types of shared property homes. However, they afford the greatest amount of privacy. The bigger the size of the home and the property, the higher the price but the greater the privacy that is afforded to the owner.

Single family homes also come in a wide range of styles to choose from including Mid-Century, Spanish Colonial, Revival, Ranch, Minimal and Vernacular. This provides a greater range of options for the discerning home buyer who prefers a home that meets with their individual taste. Although certain styles may be precedent in certain neighborhoods, there are still a wide range of options to choose from.

The single family home market is aimed at all types of home buyers. Starter homes are ideal for single people or couples just staring a family. Larger homes are available to accommodate bigger families with room to meet the ever-changing needs of a family.

At the end of the day, it largely comes down to personal preference and budget when deciding whether a single family home is the perfect choice. Speak to your real estate agent in Palm Springs to help you decide if a single family home meets your needs.