Mediterranean Style Homes

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Gorgeous Mediterranean Homes

When it comes to high-class, beautiful properties that stand out as soon as you set your eyes on them, it’s always going to come back to Mediterranean-styled homes. These are gorgeous, eye-catching properties that showcase the true architectural potential of new-age buildings.

Just taking a looking at one of these properties will make it seem like you are coasting down an avenue of beautiful seaside villas. This is what Mediterranean homes are all about and why they are appreciated in Palm Springs.


Here’s a detailed look at what Mediterranean homes have to offer.

History of Mediterranean Homes

The primary style of a Mediterranean home is built on the shoulders of what is known as a “villa” styled property. This is a property that is common in Mediterranean countries and one that is often seen when you go for a vacation along the seaside. The style has spread across the planet in warmer climates because it is associated with luxury and wealth.

It was during the 1920s when these properties took on an image of quality and luxury. More and more people were visiting these parts of the world and the intricate details that came with the resorts began standing out.

This is why more and more architects have started incorporating these elements in Palm Springs.

Types of Mediterranean Homes

It is important to note this is an umbrella term that is used for a wide array of similarly styled properties that are unique in their own way.

The first time is known as the Italian-styled property, which is often associated with the Renaissance era. These tend to be large-scaled properties that have rounded arches and noteworthy columns. When you walk through the properties, there is a sense of Victorian elegance that makes them seem historic. When you see one of these homes, you are going to enjoy that unique charm that isn’t always seen with new-age designs.

Newer Mediterranean homes tend to focus more on Spanish-centric designs. These designs were brought into North America by the Spaniards as they looked to colonize parts of the region. In general, they wanted to create homes that were not as opulent as the Italian-styled homes, but still retained most of the elements. This included going with a low-pitched roofline that was more robust.

It is also important to note, architects have started mixing things around to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to these types of properties. This includes blending specific elements from both while looking to recreate those resort-styled properties. It is these aesthetics that make them unique in their own way, which includes modern kitchens, outdoor living spaces, open floors, and more.

Key Elements of Mediterranean Homes

With Mediterranean homes, it is important to pay attention to what the key elements are. These elements are what make the properties unique.

These features can include low-pitched roofs (tile), stucco walls, symmetrical facades, arched windows, courtyards, and window grilles for the outdoor part of the property.

Indoors it is common to see elements such as high ceilings, wood-based finishing, patterned tiles, open spaces, 1/2 stories, and a rectangular floor plan.