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The Palm Springs Area Neighborhoods

Their are as many as 200 active neighborhoods in and around the Coachella valley that make up the Palm Springs area in Riverside County, making the Palm Springs area one of the best locations to live in California

The Palm Springs area real estate market has some of the most desirable house styles, including the most famous mid-century modern style and many famous homes in the more well known neighborhoods and subdivisions in the local area.

Coachella valley in Riverside County California features some of the best real estate for sale

Coachella valley in Riverside County California

Some of the most recognized in the area are the classic ranch style homes, Spanish villas, Mediterranean style houses, mid-century modern homes & condos, view more home styles here.

Which Neighborhood Is the Best to Live In Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is a dream destination for many. With stylish hotels, luxurious spas, scenic golf courses, and comfortable hot springs, this small city in Southern California may give you major thrills for a weekend trip. 

But what is it like to shift to Palm Springs permanently? What do Palm Springs neighborhoods offer to their residents? You will find all the answers today.

Why is Palm Springs popular?

Palm Springs isn't just a weekend destination anymore. People are looking to move to this city in the Sonoran Desert because of the affordability of properties and the amenities available here.  Amenities don't necessarily mean good schools for children, availability of frequent public transport, or nearby restaurants. 

For many families, amenities may mean a shopping center near the neighborhood they live in, low membership fees in golf or tennis clubs, or enough areas where they can hike so that they can maintain their fitness.

Fortunately, the best neighborhoods in Palm Springs come with these amenities, making it one of the ideal cities to shift to with your family. You will be surprised to see the mid century-modern architecture and its shopping district that features interior design shops, vintage boutiques, and restaurants. 

Moreover, the nearby Coachella Valley has various adventure sports options, such as horseback riding, biking, and hiking trails. 

Best neighborhoods in Palm Springs

You'll want to plan a trip to the area for a couple of days and book a private real estate tour with us if you plan on getting your dream home before moving to Palm Springs. And while your planning your trip, we would advise creating a shortlist of the neighborhoods by listing their pros and cons and whatever else your fond of in a home style or location you prefer to live in.

You'll want to see what makes a neighborhood suitable for your family.

Conversely, you should also know which Palm Springs neighborhoods are best suited for your needs, whether or not you have children or are semi-retired or want a pool with your dream home. Follow the neighborhood links below to view more about each one, this will give you a better idea about everything in the area.

Most desirable neighborhoods in Palm Springs

  1. Movie Colony East

Many locals still call it by its former name, Ruth Hardy Park. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in Palm Springs CA. Many families are concentrating on property deals in this neighborhood because of its location. It is located right between the Palm Springs International Airport and the Movie Colony neighborhood.

Every home is close to some of the basic amenities that you need for your family. It has tons of sports facilities, playgrounds, and community parks where your children can play with their friends. Moreover, top-rated public schools near Ruth Hardy Park, like Katherine Finchy Elementary School, offer exceptional education.

Most importantly, the properties in this neighborhood range from mid-century modern houses to luxurious manors. It doesn't matter which style of house you have in mind; if you have the money, you will find the ideal property in the Movie Colony neighborhood Palm Springs.

  1. Araby

If you want to move to a premier community, there's no neighborhood better than Araby. This is a palm tree-lined neighborhood with two distinctive areas: Araby Cove and Araby Commons. 

Both areas contain incredible amenities, such as shops, entertainment centers, and restaurants. But one of the reasons families want to settle down in Araby is that it is close to some of the best schools in Palm Springs.

Cielo Vista Charter School is one of the most widely popular schools in Palm Springs. This school is just a stone's throw away from Araby. It offers comprehensive education in arts programs and music. 

Additionally, families love Cielo Vista Charter School because of its excellence in science and math. Students usually become scientists, doctors, or engineers after passing out from this school. 

Most of the homes available for sale in this neighborhood consist of modern amenities and spacious backyards. They have large kitchens and huge living spaces where you and your friends can spend quality time. 

  1. Chino Canyon

Chino Canyon is ideal for families who want to enjoy its scenic beauty. It is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Palm Springs. Chino Canyon has numerous parks and trailheads where you can go biking or hiking every weekend. 

The spectacular views from these trailheads will mesmerize you. Apart from its scenic beauty, Chino Canyon is also famous for its various playgrounds and parks, making it a suitable neighborhood to grow your family. 

Additionally, there are also local boutiques and trendy restaurants in the area that connects Chino Canyon to North Palm Canyon Drive. From shopping centers to schools, everything is just a 10-minute drive away from this neighborhood. 

Talking about schools, you can enroll your kid at Raymond Cree Middle School or Vista Del Monte Elementary School, two of the most highly-regarded public schools in Chino Canyon. 

Real estate in Chino Canyon is thriving because of its location. Most of the modern homes look like the ones you usually see in mid century neighborhoods Palm Springs. They have large, fenced backyards where small kids can play around, or you can even host barbecue parties during weekends. 

The houses also come with convenient amenities like eat-in kitchens, bonus spaces, and laundry rooms. 

  1. Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park has a warm neighborhood with family-friendly neighbors. People here are welcoming and would do anything to make you feel at home. Sunrise Park is popular for its top-notch schools and quiet streets. 

There is hardly any crime rate, making Sunrise Park the safest neighborhood in Palm Springs. The neighborhood has various recreational facilities and shopping centers so that you can buy groceries without going too far. 

There is good news for fitness freaks also. Sunrise Park has many sports facilities and local gyms. It also has the Palm Springs Swimming Center. 

Another reason that contributes to the growing popularity of real estate in Sunrise Park is its stunning views of the San Jacinto Mountains. You can see the Californian sunrise that splashes various colors on the homes of Sunrise Park every morning. 

Most of the houses in this neighborhood have mid-century architecture. Although they look like the houses from the 50s and 60s, they contain all the amenities you expect from a modern house. 

Some of the homes have expansive living spaces and floor-to-ceiling windows that combine beauty with functionality.

Palm Springs gay neighborhoods

An estimated 33-50 percent of Palm Springs, California, are gay male or other parts of the LGBTQ community. People consider Palm Springs as the epicenter of the LGBTQ community in America. The residents feel at home because there aren't many records of sexual harassment in this city. It has Hollywood's glamour with unique artsy stores. 

You will be surprised to know that Palm Springs consists of America's highest per capita gay population. "The Center," in Coachella Valley, is the LGBTQ community's cornerstone in Palm Springs. More than 65,000 guests come here every year for yoga and AA classes. 

There are two most popular gay neighborhoods in Palm Springs CA: one with zip code 92264 and 92262. Since Palm Springs is practically half gay, you can move around anywhere in the city comfortably. But these two neighborhoods have more than 90% gays. 

The 92264-neighborhood has various recreational facilities and has a diverse economy. But, the cost of living in 92264 is 23% higher than the usual national average. The median commute time is 18 minutes. 

This zip code has approximately 12.4% LGBTQ couples per household. The median sales price of properties is $337,500. Most of the homes have 1 to 4 bedrooms with Spanish flair and beautiful landscaping. 

On the other hand, 92262 is a bustling residential area containing cafés, spas, and hotels at every corner. 92262 is closer to North Palm Springs, meaning it is close to the airport. 11.3% of people in this neighborhood are LGBTQ couples, living in houses containing 1 to 4 bedrooms. 

The median sales price of properties is $433,500, slightly higher than 92264. 

Gene Autry neighborhood Palm Springs

The Gene Autry neighborhood Palm Springs is another safe area for families to settle down. It is a top-notch neighborhood to start your family. With schools and playgrounds nearby, your children will grow up in a friendly community where everyone is ready to help each other. 

This neighborhood is one of those areas in Palm Springs where you usually can't rent an apartment or a house. Most people buy houses here to stay for decades. 

You will see a lovely blend of both youngsters and elders living peacefully in this neighborhood. The commute to schools and offices isn't much either. You can reach almost anywhere within 15 to 30 minutes.

$485,000 to $799,000 is the average price range for houses in the Gene Autry neighborhood. It consists of 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom houses with spacious backyards. 

Little Tuscany neighborhood Palm Springs

The Little Tuscany neighborhood Palm Springs is popular for its availability of houses for sale and rent. It has numerous schools and colleges around. Therefore, you will see many students living in a single apartment by sharing the rooms. 

Buying a house is slightly expensive in Little Tuscany. The price range is between $859,000 and $25 million. On the other hand, the rent per apartment varies from $4,200 to $16,500.

Now that you know about the best neighborhoods in Palm Springs, shortlist the ones you like and start finding houses that are available for sale. Honestly, Palm Springs is one of the best cities to grow your family in California.

Enclave at Sunrise | Palm Springs

52 beautiful residences make up Enclave at Sunrise. These large, contemporary homes were constructed by Bayshore Development and Creosote Partners, with special assistance from MVE & Partners.

Sited on lot sizes of 10,000 square feet on average, the homes in Enclave at Sunrise are spacious and made for entertaining. These homes are also close to amenities like grocery shopping and fitness centers.

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If you’re looking for a home or a condo in this area, contact me and I’ll help you find the perfect oasis to call your own. And if you’re interested in selling your home or condo in this area, visit my site for a free home evaluation.

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Q: How do I get from Enclave At Sunrise to Los Angeles?
A: Taking a train is the cheapest way to get from Enclave At Sunrise to Los Angeles. Tickets average $23.50, and there are two direct trains per day that will get you into L.A. in about 3 hours and 30 minutes. A nonstop flight would get you there in 1 hour and 10 minutes, but would cost around $300.

Q: How far is Enclave At Sunrise from Los Angeles?
A: In any case, it’s the most common way to get to Enclave At Sunrise from Los Angeles. Covering the 107 miles (172 kilometers) between the two typically takes about an hour, 40 minutes, unless you’re traveling from the beach cities, which can add on another 20 or 30 minutes.

Q: Is Enclave At Sunrise good for retirement?
A: The Enclave At Sunrise area offers active adults the ideal climate, location, and lifestyle for retirement. When compared to other cities in California like Los Angeles and San Francisco’s expensive real estate, it’s no wonder why so many retirees choose the Palm Springs area as their ideal retirement destination.