Traditional Style Homes

Elements Of Traditional Style Homes 

You may be shying away from traditional style design out of fear that it’s predictable, boring, stuffy – and you guessed it… it totally is! However, some of its aspects are indeed interesting, and since it encapsulates a lot of antiques, it provides a chance for one to stumble upon cool pieces. But what exactly does a ‘traditional design’ entail, and how far back does a traditional style need to go?

A traditional style design truly is classic and comforting. And chances are that you may have grown up in a house whose interior décor featured traditional style furnishings. So if you are a homeowner in the California and Palm Springs, ca area, and are looking for a more rustic styled home, then this guide is definitely for you.


Elements Of A Traditional Room

-Traditional Style Homes Are Inspired By 18th & 19th Centuries

As you may have already presumed, a traditionally styled house gets its inspiration by, well, tradition! It’s more of a classic design that takes its cues from the 18th and 19th centuries, integrating antiques, classic art, and pieces of history. Even if you see a tradition design influenced by European décor, it can also include elements from France, England, and the Far East. Traditional pieces and styles reflect historical design using natural colors and materials.  

-Strives For Order & Harmony

The orderly aesthetic of traditional designs can feel staid and boring at times, however, it’s predictable for a reason. In this case, consistency is crucial… Consistency means reliability! A traditionally styled design creates an orderly and calm space, which will make furnishings match, symmetry align, and everything will fall into place. Chaotic and wild don’t agree with a traditional style. There will be no surprises with a traditionally styled house.

Color Palette Is Defined By Dark, Warm Tones

In a traditional setting, you’ll naturally find neutral walls (as you may have already guessed), but color still has a spot. Textiles, décor, and art accents can assist in popping a space, where rich, dark jewel tones are mostly used. You can consider going for green, brown, red and a lot of dark wood. The color palettes can either be saturated and bold or soft and pale, however, they are not too graphic or jarring. They are welcoming because one knows what to expect.  

-Traditional Furniture Is Suitable For Royalty

As previously mentioned, tradition style homes are inspired by the 18th and 19th England and European culture, so you’ll actually expect plenty of regal influence when it comes to the furniture. The furniture featured here is a little ornate and heavy, such as carved wood, tufted upholstery, and clawfoot tubs. Among the top design pieces is the Queen Anne Chair, cabriole legs, a cushioned seat, armchair with curved lines, and minimal ornamentation.

As you can see from the aforementioned guide, traditionally styled houses don’t always equate to staid. The old fashioned way is always the best way to go since it’s a method that has been tried and proven, time and time again!


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