Contemporary Style Homes

Decorating A Contemporary Style Home

Although it’s sometimes believed that ‘modern’ interior décor is minimalist and cold, in today’s houses, contemporary interiors are welcoming and comfortable without necessarily being dark and cluttered. The contemporary style of today is appropriate for stores and offices, traditional homes and loft apartments. So what exactly is contemporary style? This style of interior decorating is basically characterized by sophistication, clean lines, simplicity, subtle and deliberate use of texture.

Things that are current and modern are fundamentally considered to be contemporary style. contemporary interiors are generally fresh and sleek. If you live in the California and Palm Springs, ca area, you know how important it is to have a contemporary styled home. Here are but a few techniques you can use to spruce up your house and make it have a contemporary vibe:

Uses of Color

The colors play a major role in the overall aesthetic view of your interior décor since it’s the first thing that the eyes perceive. Contemporary style interiors usually comprise of neutrals, white, and black colors. Black is usually utilized for defining and grounding a contemporary style room. The palette is accented and punched up with bold and bright colors that work against neutrals. When the walls of your house are painted in a standard neutral, you’ll achieve a superb backdrop for bold colored decorations. If the windows and walls are painted in pastels, then you should make the trims neutral. In case the wall is painted in a bright, bold color, neutrals should be utilized everywhere.

Line and Space

The most distinct and obvious aspect of a contemporary style design is the line. Whether curved shapes or horizontal lines or straight vertical, strong visible lines are apparent in any contemporary- style house. The line can be included in architectural details, bare windows, high ceilings, use of bold color blocks, and geometric shapes in sculpture and wall art.

Objects can be filled between furniture pieces, bare spaces on walls, and above upper areas. Less is more when it comes to contemporary interiors since every piece will stand out. You should also consider taking advantage of other structural elements. Exposed plumbing pipes, broken bricks offer stability and texture, and air ducts hanging from a ceiling are acceptable when it comes to a contemporary-style interior. For the eye to be drawn, consider painting these structural details in contrasting and bold colors, or if you’re looking to diminish their significance, you can just amalgamate them with the walls.

Contemporary-Style Furniture

Your furniture should make a bold statement and also be uncluttered and simple. Keep in mind that smooth, geometric shapes are integral. Upholstered furniture can be in white, black or neutral tones, utilizing natural fibers found in jute, silk, linen, cotton, wool to add a textural appeal. Pillows featuring geometric shapes add a shot of texture and color. Remember that less is more! Don’t use excessively carved details, floral prints or ruffles. Go for the standard bold, bare, and structural.

If you want to attain a contemporary style home, following the aforementioned pointers is crucial if you want to accentuate your California and Palm Springs, ca house.


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