Best Countertop Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes 

Best Countertop Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes 

mid-century modern homes

When designing a modern home, choosing suitable countertop material for the kitchen is essential. For mid-century modern homes, you have a few materials that could work. Here are some of the countertop options for mid-century modern homes!

Countertop Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes


Many consider granite the epitome of elegance in the kitchen. The material is durable and gives the impression of luxury to any space. Granite has been an expensive material in the past, but its price has decreased as supplies have increased. Prices have also started to come down due to competition from engineered stone.


Engineered quartz is a great option if you’re looking for durable and stylish countertop material. Quartz is virtually maintenance-free. It is also stain, acid, scratch, heat, and impact-resistant. Unlike granite, it does not require sealing. Quartz comes in various colors and patterns, making it a versatile option for any kitchen or bathroom. Here’s a link to a post about the difference between granite slab and quartz countertops.


Soapstone is a smooth, silky natural stone gaining popularity as a granite substitute. It is famous for countertops and sinks in historic and modern homes because it develops an appealing antique-like patina. Despite the widespread belief that they won’t, soapstone countertops resist staining. Some people feel that scratches only add to the stone’s antique patina. So, if you are looking for a unique countertop that will give your home a classic look, soapstone may be perfect.

Solid-Surface Material

There are many different types of kitchen countertops. For mid-range kitchens, solid-surface countertops are an excellent choice. They are also perfect for high-end kitchens with plenty of counter space. Solid-surface material is a synthetic blend of acrylic particles and resins pressed into sheets. However, they are durable, easy to clean, and heat resistant. Furthermore, solid-surface countertops are available in a variety of colors and patterns.


Although concrete is known for its strength, it is prone to cracking over time. However, new treatments are available to help reduce this tendency. Additives, for example, can be used to reduce the porosity of concrete, making it more resistant to cracking. Concrete countertops may also be a good choice if your countertops are unusually shaped or if you want a truly unique kitchen.

What’s Your Pick?

What are the best countertop options if you’re looking to update your kitchen with a mid-century modern style? Keep in mind that this is just a general overview – if you’re serious about updating your kitchen counters, it’s always best to call an expert who can help you choose the material perfect for your home and lifestyle.

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