Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour

mid-century modern tour

While Palm Spring is abundant in natural beauty, it also has one of the country’s largest collections of mid-century modern architecture. Designed by talented architects, these beautiful structures are now some of the most visited places in Palm Springs. Every year, a celebration dubbed “Modernism Week” honors their contributions to architecture in Palm Springs. Here’s a link to the mid-century modern self-guided tour in Palm Springs. Click here.

Here are three places you could visit on your mid-century modern tour in Palm Springs. There are many more beautiful structures to see.

3 Places To Visit on Your Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour

1. Tramway Gas Station / Palm Springs Visitors Center

2901 North Palm Canyon Dr – 760-778-8418

Albert Frey designed the famous Tramway Gas Station. It was built in 1965 and is considered a prime example of modern architecture in the northern part of the city. Its soaring roof design made the building remarkable — a distinctive wedge-shaped, cantilevered canopy. Today, it serves as a visitor center, designed to be the first structure that meets and draws the attention of Palm Springs guests.

2. Dr. Franz Alexander Residence

1011 W Cielo Dr

This modern-style property, built in 1956, is on West Cielo Drive. Walter White designed Dr. Franz Alexander’s house with a unique roof hovering over the boulders. Some incredible details are the V-shaped support made of steel and the tongue and groove swooping ceiling. The double-height entrance with an open-tread black staircase adds to the entire design. The result is perfect!

3. Royal Hawaiian Estates

1774 S Palm Canyon Dr

Architects Richard Harrison and Donald Wexler made a Polynesian twist, giving the Royal Hawaiian Estates an iconic trait. It is the first historical household district in Palm Springs. The expansive living room gazes into the pool and the beautiful San Jacinto mountain. The arched ceiling and open floor plan charm the structure’s indoor and outdoor space.

Mid-century modern architectural designs never fail to amaze. Palm Spring boasts numerous spots to gape at, with their talented architects designing world-class, unique, and incredible structures. These are just a few of what Palm Spring can show you. Thus settling here is not a bad idea. This region is perfect with its climate, a mix of laid-back, natural ambiance, and modern buildings.

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