Mission Style Homes

Why You May Want To Purchase Mission Style Homes

In the state of California, there were many missions that were set up over time, each of which would have its own unique architectural style. This type of style has been preserved in many thousands of homes that have been produced that emulate this unique appearance that is very distinct. It is based off of early colonial Spanish architecture, something that was quite prominent in the Southwest and certainly in California. It was often representative of churches that were fortified against invaders that may come against them at any time. Since that difficult time, these have transitioned into homes that people buy every day. This is how you can locate mission style homes that might be appealing to you that are also in your price range.

What Do They Look Like?

If you have ever seen an old mission before, you already know what a mission style home is all about. It’s going to have a very distinct appearance with columns in the front, and a curvaceous rooftop, almost looking ornamental by design. The roof line, if there is a dormer, is going to come right up to it, often flowing upwards toward the end. The windows are all going to be rectilinear, giving that combination of curves and straight angles that are so prominent with homes that look like missions.

Are These Affordable?

In most cases, these are very expensive homes because of the incredible amount of work, labor, and architectural design that often goes into them. However, if you can find one that has been on the market for several months, the price may begin to drop, even for homes that are in areas that you would prefer. This style of home tends to look best in the Southwest, yet they can be found in other locations. They will typically have a tile roof, and will have a very distinct geometric appearance that has not been used extensively for many years.

Where To Find Them For Sale

It is because of the rarity of mission style homes that many people highly coveted them. If they see one available, if they have the money to do so, they will make this type of investment. Some of the people that purchased them are only doing so to either collect them or rent them out. They may hold onto them because prices and real estate tend to go up, particularly in states like California.

If you would like to think about investing in one of these homes that looks very similar to a California mission, you can find several every day. This area of the United States is replete with these homes, many of which can be purchased for a reasonable cost. Even if it takes you several weeks, or a month, you will eventually come across one that will be affordable. It is best to work with a real estate company that can alert you to win these specific types of homes, available. This will give you the option of placing your offer and obtaining one of the most unique types of homes ever designed in history.


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