Bungalow Style Homes

What To Look For In Bungalow Style Homes

Are you finally ready to become a homeowner? Do you believe a bungalow is the best home for you? Well, you need to find the best one in Palm Springs, CA. Here are some of the features to look for in the best bungalow-style homes.

A bungalow refers to a low-rise detached house that comes with a veranda. Previously, bungalow houses were found in India as Bengali style houses. Later on, they spread to the rest of the world through the British Empire in the 19th century.


Features Of Bungalows

1. Low Rise

For a house to qualify as a bungalow, it shouldn’t be higher than one and a half stories. A lot of space in a bungalow can be found on the first floor. The second floor might half-sized or a small attic space depending on the design.

2. Veranda
Another characteristic of a bungalow is the veranda that is usually covered by an overhanging roof. For the larger bungalows, there will be an L-shaped veranda wrapping around the side of the house.

3. Overhanging Roof

Another characteristic of a bungalow is the overhanging roof that overhangs on the edges of the house.

4. Bungalow Columns

To support the overhanging roof, there are columns present in a bungalow, especially for the roofs overhanging far over the veranda. They are referred to as bungalow columns even when used on other house styles. They are usually square in shape but there are exceptions depending on the design of the bungalow.

5. Squarish

Bungalows have a wide front part and an overall rectangular form. As such, they have a squarish dimension.

6. Dormers

Windows found on the second floor of a bungalow are usually set into a dormer. As such, it increases the size of the second floor allowing for more space. Most people use this as a renovation idea for their bungalows.

Origins Of Bungalow Style Homes

7. Land Footprint

Since bungalows have a low-rise structure, they use more land for every square foot of an interior than a regular house. They are the best choices for homes when land prices are quite reasonable and there are a lot of large lots available.

8. Cozy

Bungalows aren’t usually large with low ceilings compared to other architectural styles such as Victorian houses. However, large bungalows with very high ceilings are also common.

9. Privacy And Light

Bungalows are quite private since they have a lot of space, thanks to the squarish layout. Also, the first-floor windows can be easily hidden with a fence or tree. The veranda of a bungalow pushes the front windows away from the front of the house. As such, there is a lot of privacy but they usually don’t get as much light as taller structures. The windows in a bungalow home are often set very high in the wall to capture as much light as possible.

10. Basement

Most bungalows come with basements but not for all of them. The first floor of a bungalow is usually elevated for the basement to have windows.

With these amazing features of bungalows, you should consider buying one today in Palm Springs, CA.

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