Country Style Homes

What Are Country Style Homes?

The first thing people notice about a country style home is the wide porch. You can immediately recognize a country style home due to its wide porch, gable roof, exposed woodwork, and evenly spaced windows. The cozy, comfortable, and welcoming feel that a country style home gives is unwatchable. These homes were historically constructed based on the regional climate, geography, and locally available building materials.

The design of a country home may vary depending on the region where it’s constructed. In fact, compact and squat homes are common in cold and snowy regions while sprawling ranches are popular in desert regions. Here is what you need to know about country style homes.


A large porch is an essential feature of this type of home design. It’s important to provide shelter from the elements while allowing the homeowner to view the surrounding scenery in the comfort of his/her own home. The porch is also a great area to welcome visitors. The homeowner has direct access to a washing area from the porch to bring foodstuffs from the farm. It helps keep the house clean. Double-hung windows are common in country style homes to allow natural light and cross-ventilation. It cools the house during the hot and humid summer season.

Country style homes are popular with home buyers in Palm Springs. That’s because the notion of a country style home takes a person to his/her roots where they feel comfortable, safe, and secure. These homes help bring back great memories and are easier to construct. Modern technology and color schemes have taken country home designs to the next level. Here are some of the most important features of a modern country style home:

  • A well-proportioned exterior is a common feature of modern country style homes. It helps give the home a balanced look.
  • Gable roofs are common in most country style homes. The peaked roof produces multiple gables of the same orientation.
  • Wood is the main building material in a country style home. The exterior could be stained, painted, or just expose the beams of wood. Hardwood flooring is a common feature of this type of home.
  • Modern country style homes have open floor plans to facilitate ease of movement.
  • A cozy facade is usually present in this type of home. It helps draw the eye of the visitor. Windows are prominently featured on the front of the house.
  • Dormers are common in this type of house. Dormers are roofed structures that include a window. It helps add extra space and light into the attic space. Dormers also add visual interest and height to the house.

Country homes are popular across the United States in this day and age. Regardless of the design or location of the home, a country-style house offers a sense of relaxed living. That’s why home buyers in Palm Spring love this type of home. If you are looking for a country style home in Palm Spring, Palm Spring Are Real Estate is your preferred choice.

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