Modern Ranch Style Homes

What Makes Modern Ranch-Style Homes Beneficial for Homeowners?

Modern ranch-style homes usually consist of one-story houses with an open layout and a dedicated patio space. You will notice that these homes come with large windows at the front and low-pitch rooflines. However, the home’s shape can vary. Although rectangle still remains the most popular shape, some of the latest models look like an “L” or “U” shape. A few other features that differentiate modern ranch-style homes from other houses are attached garage, wide roof eaves, and sliding glass doors that open to the backyard or patio. 


Types of modern ranch-style homes

Although different ranch style homes share a few common characteristics, various aspects set them apart. Here are some of the different ranch-style homes that you can look into and take inspiration for your new home:

  • California ranch – These homes look like a U or an L. They are built low to the ground to blend with nature. A California ranch or rambling ranch must contain a front lawn or patio.
  • Suburban ranch – It looks almost similar to the California ranch because of its open concept and U/L shape. But suburban ranches are more asymmetrical and compact in structure. Most importantly, this type of home must contain a backyard and an open attached garage.
  • Split-level ranch – A split-level ranch has three stories of huge living space. Its unique layout consists of a front door that leads to the dining, kitchen, and living areas. The home has two half flights of stairs that lead to the bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional living space.
  • Storybook ranch – A storybook ranch is popular for its ornamental details that look like homes from fairytales. In fact, most people in California and Palm Springs call this type of house a fairytale ranch. It consists of a decorative chimney made of stone or brick, a steep gabled roof, and diamond-shaped window panes.
  • Raised ranch – A raised ranch has multiple stories of living space. Its front door opens to the staircase leading upstairs and downstairs. The kitchen and bedroom are usually on the upper level.

Why buy a modern ranch-style home

There are three big benefits of investing in a modern ranch-style home.

  1. Don’t need to use stairs

One of the biggest benefits of living in a modern ranch-style home is you don’t have to run up and down the stairs frequently unless you buy a split-level or raised ranch. This makes these homes ideal for older citizens. Your parents will thank their heavens when they see that they can access all the home’s areas within one floor. Moreover, the absence of stairs also gives you more living space.

  1. Inviting ranch floorplan

Modern ranch-style homes have a wide, open concept. It means you can bring your living room, kitchen, and dining room together and capture natural light in every corner of your house.

  1. Easy exterior maintenance

With a low-pitched roofline and one floor, ranch-style home is easier to maintain from the outside. You won’t need to climb up a ladder to clean the windows or gutters.

California and Palm Springs contain tons of modern ranch-style homes with various perks. Buy one today to enjoy its benefits right away.


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