La Quinta Golf Estates | Palm Springs

La Quinta Golf Estates | Palm Springs

La Quinta Golf Estates is situated near the desert communities of Indio and Palm Springs, and only a three-hour drive to the east of Hollywood. People usually differ on what La Quinta means, but one prominent meaning used in South America implies that the term refers to a set of complex homes situated in the city’s oldest district.

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La Quinta estate history dates back in 1959 when it was started as part of the resort.

The club was by then a pearl of the great desert. It attracted various politicians, celebrities, and high-profile golfers. One of such prominent people included President Eisenhower.

La Quinta Golf Estates stands out compared to the other country clubs in the region. Its reputation runs from the old days of Spanish California due its natural beauty and a wealth history.

The surrounding homes help form a magnificent community of ant condominiums and elegant houses.

The desert heats overcome the winter conditions to provide residents with 350 days of sun each year. Unlike other parts of the country that experience snow, La Quinta estates are forever under the blanket of blue skies.

Other landmarks in the area that surround the hills of the golf course are such as the Santa Rosa, San Bernardino, San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto Mountains.

La Quinta Golf Estates course boast of 515 homes that are situated around it, as well as, the neighboring courses. People who opt to live in the area have the option of choosing condominiums and homes at Lago La Quinta, Montero Estates, and Golf Estates.

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Q: What is there to do in La Quinta this weekend?
A: Things to Do in La Quinta are Marvyn’s Magic Theater, Old Town La Quinta, La Quinta Museum, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Lake Cahuilla Recreation Area, La Quinta Library.

Q: What are the best Places in La Quinta?
A: CVWD receives water from the Colorado River through the 123-mile (198 km) Coachella Branch of the All American Canal. Water in the canal flows entirely by gravity, dropping in elevation an average of one foot per mile. In the Coachella Valley, Colorado River water is used primarily for agricultural irrigation.

Q: How far is Joshua Tree from La Quinta?
A: The distance between La Quinta and Joshua Tree is 33 miles. The road distance is 53.8 miles.

Q: Is December a good time to visit Palm Springs?
A: The warm temperatures turn into triple digits in the summer, so winter is the best time to visit Palm Springs. Many people visit Palm Springs between October and December when the weather is nice and the room rates are lower.

Q: Is Palm Springs expensive to visit?
A: You should plan to spend around $165 per day on your vacation in Palm Springs, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Also, the average hotel price in Palm Springs for a couple is $191. So, a trip to Palm Springs for two people for one week costs on average $2,305.

Q: Are there beaches in Palm Springs?
A: Palm Springs is a popular vacation destination in California. They are all about a two-hour drive from the Palm Springs area (without traffic) depending on where you are staying in the valley. Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Del Mar, and even La Jolla aren’t that much farther.