Lake La Quinta | Palm Springs

Lake La Quinta | Palm Springs

Lake La Quinta is located on Adams St between Highway 111 and Avenue 48 in La Quinta, CA.  Lake La Quinta is a lovely gated community.  It features a 25-acre private lake with electric boating, kayaking/fishing, community pool, tennis courts and a large park.

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For home owners with properties located off the lake, the Lake La Quinta HOA offers owners a shared boat club.  The Lake La Quinta Inn, a highly rated boutique hotel is located on the western end of the lake.

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Q: Is La Quinta a safe place to live?
A: La Quinta Makes Top 50 Safest Cities in California, according to new report. In the population of almost 42,000 residents in La Quinta, the report states there’s about 1.6 violent crimes per 1,000 people.

Q: How far is La Quinta from Palm Springs?
A: There are 17.75 miles from Palm Springs to La Quinta in southeast direction and 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) by car, following the I-10 E route. Palm Springs and La Quinta are 33 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Q: What is La Quinta known for?
A: The city is known for arts and culture, natural beauty, and an Old World atmosphere with a distinctly 21st century focus on health and wellness. West golf complex in La Quinta. La Quinta has more than 212 acres of parkland area.

Q: Can you swim in Palm Springs in February?
A: Sure, monthly average temperatures in PS in February are around 74(F). That’s probably at the low end for swimming, but temperatures can quite conceivably be hotter than that on any given day in February. Palm Springs should be warm and inviting in February.

Q: What is the coldest month in Palm Springs?
A: December is the coldest month in Palm Springs, California, with an average high-temperature of 69.3°F (20.7°C) and an average low temperature of 44.1°F (6.7°C).

Q: What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Palm Springs?
A: The hottest temperature ever recorded in Palm Springs is 123 degrees and it was first reached on August 1, 1993.