Explore the Best Hiking Trails in Palm Springs 

Explore the Best Hiking Trails in Palm Springs 

hiking trails in palm springs

People visit Palm Springs to escape the stress of daily life. Outdoor sightseeing and picnics always attract people looking for relaxation. If you are planning a visit, this list can help you find the best hiking trails in Palm Springs. 

The Best Hiking Trails in Palm Springs

Take a deep breath of pristine desert air and enjoy the unique landscape. Whatever brings you to Palm Springs, the hiking trails are worth checking out.

The Indian Canyons

The Indian Canyons include Palm Canyon, Murray Canyon, Tahquitz, and the Andreas Canyon. They are some of the most popular places to go hiking, with more than 60 miles of trails. The Andreas Canyon trail brings you to unusual rock formations along Andreas Creek. The Murray Trail leads you to secluded parts of the canyons where you can enjoy walking along the stream under a tree canopy that ends at the Seven Sisters Falls. The Palm Canyon Trail treats you to the most prominent fan palm oasis in Palm Springs. Tahquitz Canyon has a spectacular 60-foot waterfall with cultural artifacts. Whether on foot or horseback, The Indian Canyon experience will surely grow your appreciation of Palm Springs.

The Araby Trail

The Araby Trail is 4.1 miles and is a moderately challenging trail rated 4.6 on Google. You can access it from the Rimcrest/Southridge development entrance to get past Bob Hope’s famous house. The other pass is via the Berns, Henderson, and Garstin Trails. When the elevation reaches 800 feet, you will experience some of the most breathtaking views overlooking the Coachella Valley. Enjoy the scenery with your favorite picnic food once you reach the top.

Clara Burgess Trail

Clara Burgess Trail is 2.2 miles with an elevation change of 1,339 feet. It is considered strenuous by most hikers. Although only 2.2 miles, you need to take other trails to get there. Commonly approached via the Garstin or Fern Canyon Trails, all ways lead to Murray Hill. Clara Burgess Trail is best when on foot. Others love it on horseback leading up to Murray Hill. Always follow the trail signs, as it can sometimes get confusing, especially when fatigue strikes. Nevertheless, the sight on top of Murray Hill is worth the effort.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert hiker, Palm Springs has a trail for you. Some enjoy the view over a picnic mat, while others are in it for the workout.

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