Features of Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Homes

Features of Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Homes

palm springs mid century modern homes

Young and talented architects came to Palm Springs to showcase their modern design interpretation and left their mark on Palm Springs architecture. A tribute to their talent is celebrated annually during Modernism Week. This post will teach you about some of the features common to Palm Springs mid-century modern homes.

Desert Modernism

Desert Modernism is a modern design intended to work with the desert environment. While the style is characterized by its minimalist approach to clean lines, it also focuses on blending the outdoor and indoor space for a fascinating view of the natural landscape. It uses strong materials that hold up to warm temperatures with enough interior insulation for the warm middays and cold evenings.

Roof Lines

Looking at its roof style, you can easily recognize a Desert Modernist home. Designers use the flat shed, butterfly roofs, and folded plates. Flat shed designs have roof slopes up to approximately 10°.

Another is the butterfly roof, also called a V Roof and this design’s character is in the inversion of the standard roof form. It has two roof surfaces sloping down opposite sides, forming a butterfly wing or a V-shape.

The folded plate design is a roof style best described as an assembly of flat plates inclined in different directions and joined on their edges at the top. Designers choose this due to its durability and weight-bearing capacity.

Interior Design

The interior design of Desert Modernism relies heavily on an informal and yet modern style which also incorporates big windows that extend to the ceiling, maximizing exposure without sacrificing privacy.

You can see rugs and leather accents with white-washed walls and natural textures which is also notable for its use of glass and clean lines, this gives a seamless blend of the interior to the exterior. You can also see extensive use of decorative screens to reduce heat by reflecting sunlight. It conveys a simple yet elegant informality that perfectly captures the desert living and warmth of Palm Springs.

Exterior Design

The exterior of a Desert Modernist house integrates with the beauty of its natural landscape while the sleek lines of the building make it blend into its surroundings. Moreover, its use of wood and stone blurs the line between the artificial and natural. The patterned brick walls, large windows, and glass walls also work flawlessly to feature the outdoors inside.

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