Street Fairs in Palm Springs, CA 

Street Fairs in Palm Springs, CA 

Street Fairs in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of California’s primary destinations for out-of-state visitors and tourists. The area has a packed events calendar, and something is always coming up. Many people love coming to Palm Springs for street fairs. If you are in the area, don’t forget to check out these well-known street fairs in Palm Springs, CA.

3 Popular Street Fairs in Palm Springs

Palm Springs VillageFest

Nothing screams “street festival” louder than Palm Springs VillageFest. This lively event happens every Thursday night in Palm Springs. It is a gathering of local artisans who share their many crafts, art, food, and entertainment with attendees. This street festival happens on Palm Canyon Drive. Upon getting there, you’ll see several street vendors selling items ranging from fresh produce to music CDs and antiques. In the fourth week of October, VillageFest will host a special Halloween event at their fair, so don’t miss out. 

The Street Fair at College of the Desert

If you’re looking for an excellent daytime shopping experience, come to the College of the Desert. They host one of the top street fairs in the area. This fantastic open-air shopping destination gathers the area’s best local artisans and farmers to sell their crafts and produce. You can also catch live performances featuring the area’s well-known artists at the fair. Sales also help the college students of the school. That means you can shop and know the money is going to a good cause.

Indio International Tamale Festival

Indio’s renowned Tamale Festival is a huge event that starts every first week of December. It is a massive cultural celebration of the area’s Hispanic heritage and features events like parades and concerts. 

The festival also has a great street fair with vendors selling various street foods, with tamales at the forefront. You can also look at stalls that sell fresh produce, authentic clothing, and other souvenir items. The fantastic live music and dance performances top the festival off for a memorable time.

The people of Palm Springs know how to get the whole community together. These street fairs showcase their unity and appreciation of art and culture. It is a vital part of the Palm Springs experience.

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