Top Summer Destinations in Palm Springs

Top Summer Destinations in Palm Springs

destinations in palm springs

Palm Springs, California, is a famous tourist destination, thanks to its gorgeous scenery and favorable climate. With summer on the way, there are many things to do during your visit to Palm Springs. This article will list the top summer destinations in Palm Springs that you should see. Read on!

Summer Destinations in Palm Springs

Moorten Botanical Garden

1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs – (760) 327-6555

Founded by Chester and Patricia Moorten in 1938, this garden is home to a vast collection of cacti and other succulent plants. Their plant collection ranges from small potted agaves and aloe vera to the large “candelabra” trees. The plants are all displayed in groupings based on geographic origin. The garden is also an excellent venue for weddings. Guests can also buy plants to bring home. When you visit the garden, you’ll feel the exotic desert heat, and it has history and unique plants to admire.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

47900 Portola Ave, Palm Desert – (760) 346-5694

If you are an animal lover interested in the desert aesthetic, give the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens a visit! This non-profit zoo is home to over 150 animal species, including giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and leopards. The zoo serves as a conservation center for desert animals, and one of its goals is to educate visitors on their habits and habitat. They have a giraffe feeding session, which is a favorite amongst visitors. Tickets and donations offer a great way to support their mission to provide a home for these animals.

Palm Springs Art Museum

101 N Museum Dr, Palm Springs – (760) 322-4800

Palm Springs Art Museum is a place that aims to create a transformative experience for visitors, expanding their understanding of themselves and the world. The museum’s exhibition seeks to bring light to the beautiful art that will help develop the ever-growing community in Palm Springs. This art museum is a continuously growing collection of over 12,000 modern and contemporary art pieces, embracing various art styles, architecture, and design. You can find art pieces to interest anyone at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Summer is here, and Palm Springs is ready to welcome you. Come on down to enjoy the many attractions! With a range of activities and many places to visit, visitors have no shortage of opportunities for fun and relaxation.

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