Visit the Top Rated Palm Springs Gay Bars 

Visit the Top Rated Palm Springs Gay Bars 

top rated palm springs gay bars

The gay community in Palm Springs has a long history that started during the Golden Years of Hollywood. Eventually, the community thrived, and Palm Springs became one of the ‘gayest’ cities in the country. At just slightly over a 2-hour drive from Hollywood, entertainers and stars retreat to relax and get away from the public eye. In this post, I’ll cover some of the top-rated Palm Springs gay bars. 

Toned-down But Lively

Palm Springs is famous for toned-down nightlife, but with younger crowds and new bars emerging, Palm Springs is now a popular destination for night owls looking for a party. 

Palm Springs Drag Brunch

You should not miss Palm Springs Drag Brunch if you are in for a drag brunch. This bar parades the most grandiose drag brunches in the area. The food and drinks are fabulous, and you’ll be mesmerized by the host’s performance, Rosemary Galore, and her friends. Drop by the Drag Brunch and prepare for a light-hearted, fun time over drinks and dim sum. 


Hunters have been entertaining the Palm Springs gay community for over 20 years. The club draws primarily male crowds, famous for its DJ beats, BBQ events, and themed events. Get your spirits elevated with the bar’s fun and friendly vibe. You can also book a private room at Hunters for a more exclusive party. They also provide catering services for your special events. 

Toucans Tiki

Established almost two decades ago, Toucans Tiki hosts the longest-running drag show in Palm Springs. Run by Tommi Rose & The Playgirls, theme nights vary from Latin Fever Monday to Dirty Pop Saturday. Toucans Tiki is also the place for significant events in the Coachella Valley like Palm Springs Pride and Palm Springs Film Festival, to name a few. Their refreshing cocktails and drinks, world-class drag shows, and welcoming festive atmosphere made them the favorite choice for locals and tourists. 

The Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is in the famous Warm Sands District of Palm Springs. They have been the original Leather + Levi Bar in Palm Springs since 1993. The bar is open daily, and happy hour is from 10 AM to 8 PM. The Tool Shed entertains its patrons with themed nights, drinks, and pool tables. They also have outdoor dining for a more relaxed experience. The Tool Shed is the place where men who like men gather. So Leather up and come to the Tool Shed to meet with the community!

In Conclusion

The LGBTQ community is thriving in the Palm Springs area. If you’re new to the area, patronizing any of these establishments will introduce you to like minded people. 

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