Where to Live in Palm Springs: Best Neighborhoods

Where to Live in Palm Springs: Best Neighborhoods

where to live in palm springs

Palm Springs is among the nine cities that comprise Greater Palm Springs. The city is stylish and full of class. It has many beautiful views thanks to its favorable location at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Many have visited the city, but now it is becoming a popular place to move. Do you want to know where to live in Palm Springs? This article will cover a few popular neighborhoods. 

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Palm Springs

The Mesa

Sitting at the side of the San Jacinto Mountain Range is the vast natural beauty of The Mesa. This neighborhood is for those who like being surrounded by nature. It is considered one of the quieter neighborhoods in Palm Springs. Between the low crime rate and serene natural setting, it is a peaceful place to live. It is home to many of the city’s natural attractions. For example, you can find the Moorten Botanical Garden in this area of the city.

Downtown Palm Springs

If you’re looking for an area full of activity and action, then Downtown Palm Springs is the place to go. It is full of shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment. It is also home to Palm Springs Art Museum. You should also check out the annual VillageFest, which makes the streets even more lively. We recommend this neighborhood to those who want a more upbeat city atmosphere.

Deepwell Estates

With Deepwell Estates, you have one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palm Springs. It is a relaxed community with a lot to offer. It is close to the recently closed Mesquite Country Club, which the community plans to convert into a nature preserve. Deepwell Estates is also known for offering some of the best examples of mid-century modern architecture. The neighborhood is also famous for being the location of many celebrity homes. Some of the famous homes include those of Jerry Lewis, Loretta Young, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jack Webb.

Palm Springs is a city that attracts a lot of attention. The city has a unique style and various attractions. Palm Springs has been home to a welcoming community outside its bright and flashy tourism. If you plan to move here, there is probably a neighborhood to fit your needs.

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