Coachella Valley Real Estate

November 30, 2022
plants and flowers that grow in palm springs

Unique Plants and Flowers That Grow in Palm Springs

Not all plants do well in the Palm Springs area. Here's a short list of plants and flowers that grow in Palm Springs.
October 26, 2022
Palm Springs Bed and Breakfast

Top 3 Palm Springs Bed and Breakfast

Make your Palm Springs vacation worth it! Book at these premier Palm Springs bed and breakfast spots this weekend.
June 9, 2022
public arts in cathedral city

6 Must-See Public Arts in Cathedral City 

Public art in Cathedral City is thriving. Here's a short list of the 6 must-see public art projects in Cathedral City.
June 2, 2022
antique shopping in cathedral city

Guide to Antique Shopping in Cathedral City

Love antique shopping? There is a lot of great antique shopping in Cathedral City. Here are a few stores to get you started.
May 5, 2022
mid-century modern tour

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Tour

While Palm Spring is abundant in natural beauty, it also has one of the country’s largest collections of mid-century modern architecture. Designed by talented architects, these beautiful structures are now some of the most visited places in Palm Springs. Every year, a celebration dubbed “Modernism Week” honors their contributions to architecture in Palm Springs. Here’s a link to the mid-century modern self-guided tour in Palm Springs. Click here. Here are three places you could visit on your mid-century modern tour in Palm Springs. There are many more beautiful structures to see. 3 Places To Visit on Your Palm Springs Mid-Century […]
April 14, 2022
mid-century modern homes

Best Countertop Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes 

When designing a modern home, choosing suitable countertop material for the kitchen is essential. For mid-century modern homes, you have a few materials that could work. Here are some of the countertop options for mid-century modern homes! Countertop Options for Mid-Century Modern Homes Granite Many consider granite the epitome of elegance in the kitchen. The material is durable and gives the impression of luxury to any space. Granite has been an expensive material in the past, but its price has decreased as supplies have increased. Prices have also started to come down due to competition from engineered stone. Quartz Engineered […]
February 24, 2022
pet-friendly design features for modern homes

Pet-Friendly Design Features for Modern Homes 

Pet ownership has been booming in popularity in recent years. As we welcome our new furry companions, we want to make them feel comfortable at home. This article will guide you through several pet-friendly design features to add to your home. Pet-friendly Design Features for Your Home Owning a pet requires a lot of work. You have to take care of your animal companion through feeding, walks, and playtime. Some of this can be made easier by adapting your home to life with a pet. This is why pet-friendly features are becoming more popular in modern homes. Pet Station As […]